Samsung Galaxy S8 Battery Replacement


What is this service for?

This repair service is to replace the faulty battery on your Samsung Galaxy S8. If your phone doesn't hold charge, drains fast, or doesn't work properly, it's time to replace the battery.

What battery do we use?

We stock two types of batteries: copy battery (not manufactured by Samsung), and genuine Samsung battery (100% authentic battery manufactured by Samsung). You can choose the one you want.

How long does the repair take? 

The repair takes about one hour to complete.

What is the procedure of repair?

For instructions of how to send your device for repair, please click our Procedure Page.

Choose the battery you want to install:

This service is to replace the malfunctioned battery on your device. If your phone slows down, drains fast, it's time to get the battery replaced.

It is worth noting that in some cases it is the charging IC chip on motherboard that is faulty, not the battery. When the charging IC develops a fault, the phone will drain very fast, even the battery is in good condition.

Since replacing battery is straightforward, we will usually replace the battery first, then monitor its performance. If the phone still doesn't hold charge even with a new battery, we will know somewhere on motherboard is not right (most likely the charging chip). We will notify you first before carrying out any further repair.